Diseño de aulas innovadoras, Innovative Classroom Design

5 Keys to Innovative Classroom Design

In the dynamic world of contemporary education, the innovative classroom design, indoors and outdoors emerges as an essential element for the success of the teaching-learning process. These are no longer just spaces where knowledge is imparted; they are places where learning, playing, creating, and exploring happen. Thus, the mere construction


Vermont School: Master Plan

In the Master Plan for Vermont School in Medellín, a considerable challenge was faced: efficiently uniting two lots owned by the school that were separated by a public road. This situation demanded an ingenious solution that ensured the safety and comfort of students and staff. Additionally, the design had to respect the

Olinca Preschool: preescolar

Olinca Preschool: Alta Vista

The Olinca Preschool Alta Vista project, in Mexico City, has been meticulously designed to offer welcoming environments that foster the comprehensive development of children. Through the careful use of textures and warm tones, the goal is to stimulate the students’ maximum cognitive potential. The spaces are designed to promote comfortable and enriching

Colegio Gimnasio del Norte acceso sur

Gimnasio del Norte School: South Access

The Revitalization of the South Access for Gimnasio Del Norte School, located in Valledupar, is an architectural project that honors and celebrates the rich cultural heritage of local indigenous groups and their traditional weavings. Inspired by the intricate beauty of these artisanal weavings, the design of the access has been

Colegio Británico de Cartagena fachada

Colegio Británico de Cartagena: Preschool

The design of the Preschool at Colegio Británico de Cartagena is characterized by its innovative approach in the vertical arrangement of the architectural modules, offering an efficient and functional distribution of spaces. On the ground floor, there are technical spaces and “Baby World,” an area specially designed with games for

Colegio San Mateo Nordic Kindergarten

San Mateo School: The Grimm’s World

The revitalization proposal put forward in the preschool module of San Mateo School  in Bogotá merges the magic of the Grimm brothers’ tales with a Nordic aesthetic to create a unique educational environment. Its main focus is to provide students with enriching experiences through exploration and connection with nature. The interior

Olinca school Preescolar

Multipurpose Space Olinca School

Located in Mexico City, Olinca Multipurpose Space is a versatile architectural space that represents the forefront of educational innovation. Designed to host a wide range of activities, from classes to cultural events, its main focus is experiential learning. Here, children actively participate in an educational process where music, movement, and

New Cambridge School: Plan Maestro

New Cambridge School: Master Plan

The New Cambridge School Master Plan project, located in Floridablanca, is an architectural exercise that elevates the existing infrastructure to new levels of functionality and aesthetics. By establishing seamless connections between the buildings and the campus users, this master plan stands as a symbol of harmonious integration between architecture and

Playground Gimnasio del Norte

Playground Gimnasio Del Norte

In Valledupar, you will find the Playground Gimnasio del Norte, an exceptional recreational space designed to unleash the imagination and creativity of children. With a palette of vibrant colors and captivating design, it offers a welcoming environment where little ones can explore, play, and learn. From its tricycle circuits to its

Book House Colegio San Mateo

Book House Colegio San Mateo

The Book House library at Colegio San Mateo in Bogotá is an intellectual oasis meticulously designed to foster a passion for reading among students. This innovative space, blending a library with a coworking café, has been carefully designed to adapt to the individual and collective needs of its users. It offers

Vermont School arquitectura

Vermont School: preschool

The Vermont School project, located in the city of Medellín, embodies the essence of Scandinavian style by masterfully fusing simplicity and functionality. With a focus rooted in naturalness, a free and diverse environment is created where classrooms harmoniously intertwine with the surrounding environment. The design is distinguished by offering ample spaces for

Olinca Kinder

Olinca Kinder: Interactive Classrooms

Through an abstract design approach, the project Olinca Kinder creates interactive classrooms that inspire the imagination and creativity of students. Every detail, from furniture to decoration, is fully tailored to the needs and functions of the classrooms, ensuring an optimal space for children’s development. Thanks to the ample windows strategically placed, classroom

Colegio Newport

Newport School

The conception of Newport School transcends the boundaries of conventional education by offering a pedagogical experience that harmoniously integrates with the surrounding natural environment. This innovative eco-educational approach stands as a beacon of sustainability and environmental responsibility, masterfully blending teaching spaces with the surrounding biodiversity. The essence of Newport School

Newman School

Classhub Space Newman School

The Classhub Space project designed for Newman School has been meticulously conceived to offer high school students a coworking environment that transcends mere functionality, becoming a catalyst for inspiration and collaboration. With a strong orientation towards innovation and creativity, this cutting-edge space is characterized by the presence of state-of-the-art technologies

AI design

4 Ways AI Is Changing Architectural Design

Currently, the presence of artificial intelligence (AI) has permeated every corner of our lives, transforming education, communication, and even our entertainment. In this rapid advance, architecture has not been left behind in this revolution; on the contrary, it has emerged as fertile ground for the practical and versatile application of

Designing Tomorrow: Dreamlike Architecture in Educational Environments

Designing Tomorrow: Dreamlike Architecture in Educational Environments

Dreamlike architecture allows architects to dream, designing tomorrow under a concept that challenges the constraints of the tangible. Through this bold approach, the architect immerses into the very essence of creativity, unleashing the reins of imagination and allowing designers to venture into the construction of landscapes and structures that originate

Innovation in Educational Architecture

Innovation in Educational Architecture: The Impact of Color

Innovation in educational architecture stands as a fundamental element during the design process, especially in this era marked by constant revolutions in the educational field. Every day, new teaching methods emerge that require adaptive and avant-garde spaces. In this context, color emerges as a tool of great importance for architects,

CREA Newman School: Reinventing the School Library

CREA Newman School: Reinventing the School Library

Have you ever wondered: How can you transform a school library into an exciting and stimulating space for the collective and individual learning of children and young people? At CR+A, we have transformed an old school library into a stimulating and enriching space. We present to you the CREA Newman School project, an

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