Olinca Kinder: Interactive Classrooms

Olinca Kinder

Through an abstract design approach, the project Olinca Kinder creates interactive classrooms that inspire the imagination and creativity of students. Every detail, from furniture to decoration, is fully tailored to the needs and functions of the classrooms, ensuring an optimal space for children’s development.

Aula de clases interactiva

Thanks to the ample windows strategically placed, classroom lighting is achieved almost naturally, flooding the space with daylight that creates a welcoming atmosphere conducive to learning. The colors used inside the classroom, both in the space and in the furniture, are selected and combined harmoniously with the surrounding environment, promoting a sense of continuity and warmth that encourages children to feel comfortable and engaged with their educational surroundings.

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This space is dedicated to interactive learning for the youngest children, whose morphology and distribution of furniture are carefully designed to encourage collaborative capabilities and group work. From the arrangement of tables and chairs to the creation of versatile learning corners, every aspect of the design is oriented towards fostering active participation and the exchange of ideas among students, thus cultivating fundamental social and cognitive skills from an early age.

Olinca Kinder, more than you expect

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