San Mateo School: The Grimm’s World

Colegio San Mateo Nordic Kindergarten

The revitalization proposal put forward in the preschool module of San Mateo School  in Bogotá merges the magic of the Grimm brothers’ tales with a Nordic aesthetic to create a unique educational environment. Its main focus is to provide students with enriching experiences through exploration and connection with nature. The interior spaces, adorned with vibrant colors and cozy reading corners, stimulate children’s imagination and active learning.

Colegio San Mateo san mateo School

The connection with nature is essential in “The Grimm’s World,” where the courtyards and gardens become extensions of the classroom. Students have the opportunity to explore winding paths and natural corners, fostering adventure and creativity. This harmonious integration between the natural environment and the educational space creates a stimulating atmosphere that inspires the comprehensive development of each child, thus supporting the pedagogy proposed by Colegio San Mateo.

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The Grimm’s World offers much more than a conventional educational environment. It is a refuge where dreams intertwine with reality, and where students are invited to explore, discover, and grow in an atmosphere that celebrates the magic of childhood and fosters active and meaningful learning.

San Mateo School, more than you expect

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