Vermont School: Master Plan


In the Master Plan for Vermont School in Medellín, a considerable challenge was faced: efficiently uniting two lots owned by the school that were separated by a public road. This situation demanded an ingenious solution that ensured the safety and comfort of students and staff. Additionally, the design had to respect the topography of the land and maintain coherence with the architectural style already established on the campus.

Vermont School plan maestro esquemas arquitectónicos

To achieve this, the topography of the land was leveraged to create a seamless integration between the new buildings and the surrounding natural environment. Subtle pedestrian walkways were designed to connect the two lots, ensuring safe and comfortable access for students and school staff. In addition to physical connectivity, the Master Plan also focused on integrating the school with the natural landscape surrounding it. Outdoor spaces and green areas were created to invite exploration and experiential learning.

Vermont-School diagramas

The Master Plan for Vermont School in Medellín was much more than a simple design solution; it was an opportunity to create an inspiring and sustainable educational environment that enriched the learning experience of the entire school community. These spaces not only provided a stimulating environment for academic development but also promoted environmental sustainability and respect for nature among the students.

Vermont School, more than you expect

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