Newport School

Colegio Newport

The conception of Newport School transcends the boundaries of conventional education by offering a pedagogical experience that harmoniously integrates with the surrounding natural environment. This innovative eco-educational approach stands as a beacon of sustainability and environmental responsibility, masterfully blending teaching spaces with the surrounding biodiversity.

Entrada colegio Newport

The essence of Newport School is reflected in the implementation of cutting-edge eco-friendly technologies, which not only reduce environmental impact but also serve as tangible educational tools for students. Meticulously designed spaces draw inspiration from the philosophy of biophilia, inviting exploration and connection with nature in every corner of the campus. The balanced fusion of biophilia and technology creates an environment conducive to research and discovery, nurturing students’ innate curiosity and fostering meaningful and enduring learning.

Aulas en bloque Newport School

The strategic location of Newport School on a slope offers multiple advantages, from efficient space distribution to breathtaking panoramic views that inspire a sense of belonging and connection with the surrounding city. This unique topography becomes a distinctive feature of the campus, enriching the educational experience with a dynamic and stimulating environment.

Newport School, more than you expect

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