Olinca Preschool: Alta Vista

Olinca Preschool: preescolar

The Olinca Preschool Alta Vista project, in Mexico City, has been meticulously designed to offer welcoming environments that foster the comprehensive development of children. Through the careful use of textures and warm tones, the goal is to stimulate the students’ maximum cognitive potential. The spaces are designed to promote comfortable and enriching learning, where children can grow and thrive in a stimulating environment.

Olinca Preschool espacios lúdicos

The abundant entry of natural light, facilitated by large openings in the roof, not only illuminates the space but also allows children to marvel at the changing spectacle of the sky. Additionally, the furniture and games, with unconventional morphology, are carefully designed to encourage teamwork and collaboration among the children, adding an additional dimension to the educational process.

Olinca Preschool cubiertas permeables

Olinca Preschool Alta Vista is more than just an educational space; it is a dynamic and stimulating environment that nurtures children’s growth and learning holistically. From its design to its functionality, every aspect has been conceived with the aim of providing students with a unique and enriching educational experience.

Olinca Preschool, more than you expect

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