Colegio Británico de Cartagena: Preschool

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The design of the Preschool at Colegio Británico de Cartagena is characterized by its innovative approach in the vertical arrangement of the architectural modules, offering an efficient and functional distribution of spaces. On the ground floor, there are technical spaces and “Baby World,” an area specially designed with games for children and extensive green areas adjacent to the facade. The upper floors house student and specialized classrooms, shaping a complete and well-structured educational environment.

Colegio Británico de Cartagena profesoras y niños aprendiendo juntos

The terrace becomes a multifunctional space where various playful, sports, and cultural activities take place. Here, under a large tensioned canopy that provides shade, children have the freedom to explore their creativity, participate in learning activities, and enjoy play in an outdoor environment. Additionally, a tricycle track provides an opportunity for children to have fun while developing and refining their motor skills.

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The Preschool at Colegio Británico de Cartagena aims to offer a dynamic and stimulating educational environment that fosters creativity, active learning, and the comprehensive development of children. Its intelligent and versatile design ensures that each space is used to its fullest, providing a safe and welcoming environment where children can grow, learn, and explore with confidence.

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